I grew up playing piano, and was even a performance major in college before graduating with a degree in finance.

As a child I discovered I could make my own music. I loved the process of creation; of teasing out a melody without knowing where it was going to go. This was mostly a private hobby, and I was surprised to learn that my friends enjoyed listening to my pieces, so I recorded a CD.

Unfortunately, after a few disastrous iTunes upgrades, I lost all my recorded files and for a few years I assumed they were lost for good. Recently however, I reached out to my friend David and he was able to recover them for me. After six years or so I can now enjoy these memorable tracks from my past and use them in some of my videos.


If you like, you can buy the CD on CD Baby or iTunes.


You can also listen to the entire album on Soundcloud here.

If you do, let me know what you think.